What is the popularity of your classroom blog? 

Do you rank among the top classroom blogs in the blogosphere? The primary aim as teachers is to assist our students in polishing their papers. Sadly, that’s not the whole truth. You’re not getting visitors to your blog (except your students). You’re getting no visitors to your blog (except your students). Here’s What is the popularity of your classroom blog?.

What is the popularity of your classroom blog 
What is the popularity of your classroom blog? 

It isn’t the purpose of this post to explain how to drive traffic to your classroom blog, though it is a necessary step. Every web admin works on that. Rather, it is to determine whether your blog is popular. In other words, if you’re not a teacher or blogger, many of these points will be unfamiliar to you, even if they are well known to bloggers and designers.


Can strangers comment on your blog posts? 

If your students are the only ones commenting on your student work, then you are not taking advantage of the Internet’s power. The first time you see your first comment from someone out in cyberspace is a real treat. Don’t forget about internet safety and ensuring your students are safe on the Internet.

Do you track your visitors? 

The most exciting thing about having a website is knowing that other people are visiting it. Many teachers are unfamiliar with setting up a website and tracking visitors. Invisible Webtrackers will gather data about your visitors in real-time and provide detailed statistics. 

Which countries are your visitors from? 

You can share your work with people worldwide, which is one of the most attractive aspects of running a classroom blog. Using a free widget such as cluster maps, you can display your blog visitors’ locations directly on the map. It will be a big hit with your students. 

Do you know who Google is? 

There is a lot of traffic generated by search engines. You may want to submit your site directly to Google even though the Googlebot crawls and updates the web regularly.

Is your site important to Google? 

The PageRank (PR) of your classroom blog is ranked out of 10, reflecting its importance to Google. Google considers your site unimportant or brands new if it has a zero ranking. By contrast, a PR of 10 signifies that your site is a true authority. The web’s most visited site, Google.com, has the same PR. You can check your classroom blog’s PageRank for free at one of the online sites.

How important is it to others?

Several factors can help you assess how popular your classroom blog is. An Alexa ranking compares the popularity of your site to its traffic rank. The lower your ranking, the more popular your site. According to Alexa, your score depends on how many people use the Alexa toolbar (those who have downloaded it). Like Technorati, the blogosphere’s popularity is measured based on your Technorati rank. As your Technorati rank decreases, the popularity of your blog increases. 

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