Mod_pagespeed Service now available in our Server

Mod_pagespeed Service now available in our Server

We have updated our servers to include mod_pagespeed, an open-source Apache HTTP server module developed by Google to automatically optimize web pages and web media assets including images, CSS, and JavaScript – without requiring any changes to the website itself.

Google has said that website speed performance impacts search engine ranking results in recent years, however there are dozens of factors in play for many web sites via a variety of platforms. This new update automates many of Google’s Page Speed optimization recommendations.

This new module includes 40+ optimizations that can reduce page load times by up to 50%!

We have already seen some large high traffic sites loading up twice as fast, which is all the more reason to host your web sites with Mezzo Host.

mod_pagespeed implements custom optimization strategies for each type of web media asset referenced by the website, to make them smaller, reduce the loading time, and extend the cache lifetime of each asset.

mod_pagespeed improves web page latency and bandwidth usage by changing the resources on that web page to implement best practices regarding web performance. Each optimization aspect is implemented as a custom filter in mod_pagespeed, which are executed when the Apache HTTP server serves the web media assets. Some filters simply alter the HTML content, and other filters change references to CSS, JavaScript, or images to point to more optimized versions.

These optimizations include combining and minifying JavaScript and CSS files, inlining small resources, and others. mod_pagespeed also dynamically optimizes images by removing unused meta-data from each file, resizing the images to specified dimensions, and re-encoding images to be served in the most efficient format available to the user.

This new update affects:

  • Optimize Caching
  • Extend Cache
  • Outline CSS
  • Outline JavaScript
  • Minimize Round Trip Times
  • Combine CSS
  • Inline CSS
  • Inline JavaScript
  • Minimize Payload Size
  • Collapse Whitespace
  • Combine Heads
  • Elide Attributes
  • Minify Javascript
  • Optimize Images
  • Remove Comments
  • Remove Quotes
  • Rewrite CSS
  • Move CSS to HEAD
  • Optimize Images
  • Add Head
  • Add Instrumentation

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