Intro to Syndi Bot

Intro to Syndi Bot

A modern, elegant, multithreaded, event-driven, multi-protocol, extensible chat bot written in Ruby and C. A reboot of Auto, she stylishly serves your automated chat needs.

$ gem install syndi

Syndi is not production-ready; she is in early development.


Syndi employs a simple yet powerful event system and uses the advanced Celluloid multithreading framework for concurrent processing and network communications.


Syndi offers two application programming interfaces: her core library API which allows for extension by frameworks, and the higher-level plugin API, which can be used to make “jewels.”


She is written mostly in Ruby with some portions of her kernel in C, the latter of which is written with both Windows and POSIX in mind. She runs on Ruby MRI/YARV 2.0 and later.


Unlike her predecessor, Syndi has no IRC-specific code in her core. The IRC functionality is entirely modular and she is ready to support multiple protocols.


Installation, configuration, usage, and other topics are thoroughly documented in the Syndi Handbook.

The API (which is yet unstable) is documented with YARD and Markdown. See this page.


We apologize in advance for any bugs upon which you stumble; please report them on our tracker. For support, see:

  • The Syndi Handbook.
  • Freenode IRC: #syndi
  • The community-maintained wiki.
  • The syndibot mailing list.


Ruby and C developers, as well as designers, are more than welcome to contribute to Syndi. Please see the document.


Syndi was herself born on February 5, 2013, although she is the successor of Auto, which was born on December 9, 2009. Learn more.


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