How to view people in google meet

Google Meet automatically displays the most active content and participants in a video call. In this article we will show you How to view people in google meet.

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view people in google meet

Change your layout in google meet

There is an option to change how many participants you see on your screen. In addition, your browser window’s size may affect how many tiles you see.

  1. Join a video conference on a computer.
  2. Select “More” under “Change layout”. You can choose from these options:
  • Meet chooses the view for you automatically. Your screen will display 9 tiles by default.
  • Viewable to show up to 49 people simultaneously that is tiled. Sixteen tiles will be displayed by default.
    • Move the slider at the bottom to the number of tiles you wish to see on your screen. If you do not change the number of tiles, it becomes the default for upcoming meetings.
    • Active speaker fills the entire window with the shared screen.
    • As a side note, the main image shows the active speaker.
    • Additional participants are on the side.
  1. You have automatically saved your new layout preference.

Fix problems with layouts in google meet

When you use them in your layout, tiles can cause performance issues, like your video freezing. However, there are a few things you can do to resolve the issue: 

  • If you aren’t using any open windows, browser tabs, or apps, close them. 
  • Make your layout fewer tiles. 
  • Don’t use the camera.

Try checking if your device has the recommended hardware if you’re still experiencing issues with Meet. 

View people in google meet

When you join a meeting, your self-view is automatically enable. 

Your self-view appears at the bottom right corner of the screen when you’re in a meeting with one person. Your self-view is automatically in to the grid if someone joins or a presentation is starts. You can choose between the floating picture and the grid in either case. Both options are present. 

Floating images can be drag across the screen as well as minimized.

Add or remove your self-view tile from the grid.

  1. Click the Show in a tile icon next to your self-view. 
  2. Click Remove this tile next to your self-view. 

Manage your self-view in google meet

  • You can float your self-view by pointing to it and clicking Remove this tile.
  • Drag your floating self-view to the corner of your screen by pointing at it. 
  • The floating self-view can be minimized by clicking Minimize next to it. User can also move their minimized view across the screen by dragging it. 

Important: When your video feed is minimized, it only applies to you.

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