How to Reboot Audi 4 as Syndi

Greetings everyone.

Two days ago, on February 5, I decided to rename Auto 4 to Syndi, as the old name was too generic, unoriginal, and caused naming conflicts. Therefore, what an opportunity (a massive rewrite) to rename her and reset the version number to 0.

I have been working on renaming everything and redirecting links. The new GitHub organization is syndibot, where you will also find the new repository, syndi.

I also decided to rewrite this Web site from scratch. I hope you like it! There are still a few things needing to be tweaked, but Jonathan and I are working on it. (:

Lastly, we’ve moved the Syndi Handbook off the wiki into the syndi-doc repository, from which we will use the pony.rb script to deploy changes to the Web server. Check it out.

I apologize for any inconveniences caused. Bear with us while things are redirected. (:

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