How to Improve Your Android User Interface

Individual manufacturers can modify Android’s operating system and add their applications since it is an open-source technology. The majority of smartphones and tablets come pre-loaded with certain applications. An important feature provided by the user interface is its ability to customize. Learn How to Improve Your Android User Interface.

How to Improve Your Android User Interface
How to Improve Your Android User Interface

Even though Google implements its design guidelines in the Nexus series, other manufacturers typically preinstall their UI software on top of the Android platform. The Sense UI is used by HTC phones, while Samsung phones have the TouchWiz UI. In addition to loading your home screen, navigating through a list of apps, and providing advanced features, such as face recognition and pattern-based locking, these components are essential to your device’s functionality.


Although users can choose their launcher and customize their phones, they are free to do so. You can download and use your preferred Android launcher on top of your manufacturer’s UI from several app developers on the Google Play store. Various touch-based actions are available through these launchers. A home screen is also available. Various touch-based actions are available through these launchers. A home screen is also available. There have been a few applications released since that have revolutionized the way. Android users experience the launcher experience.

a. Aviate

Beta versions of this launcher are available for invitation codes, but they are still in the beta stage. This app looks and feels extremely polished, even in its beta phase. In this launcher, users can personalize their home screen by picking apps based on contextual information. A device with GPS sensors will intelligently detect the user’s location based on a few simple configurations. It will present the user with the appropriate apps based on that. Additionally, it organizes the installed apps into various collections so that they can be quickly found.

b. Themer

You can customize all aspects of your phone’s theme using Themer, a launcher that functions as a launcher and theme configuration tool. Users of this app can customize even the tiniest details of their phone’s appearance. A variety of themes is available in its library, and all users have to do is choose one to change the look. Each theme offers amazing content and can be tailored to various preferences. It is redundant to navigate through the list of installed apps since the home screen provides many important features.

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