History of Syndi Bot

Ah, where to begin?

Hi, I’m Autumn. I’m the creator of Syndi. I started her initially in 2009 as Auto, a closed-source IRC bot written in the mIRC scripting language which primarily serviced the GeekShed and TechnoIRC IRC networks. It was fairly popular for its extensive set of features; that encouraged me to take it further.

Auto was rewritten in PHP under the GNU General Public License v2 and released as v2.0, although interest in it quickly declined as the PHP language simply failed to do it justice. Nonetheless, it was the first open-source release.

A group named Xelhua was formed who took upon themselves the task of rewriting Auto in the Perl programming language and releasing it as v3.0 in early 2011. This release was substantial and developed popularity on the Freenode IRC network, among others. In the summer of that same year, Xelhua dissolved and a new group, Arinity, led by Matthew Barksdale, took over the project and made some improvements I would consider very tasteful.

Perhaps unfortunately, Auto v3.0 too declined. Matthew restored leadership to me and I initiated a rewrite in the Ruby and C programming languages in December 2012, which I originally planned to be v4.0 of Auto.

However, that did not quite last. I decided “Auto” to be too generic, too unoriginal a name, and knowing that I had conjured it at eleven years of age, I ultimately decided on disposing of that name and naming the reboot, Syndi.

Matthew Carey joined me in this reboot, and has been an indispensable team member. It’s a large project, but we’re making progress!

Syndi is worlds more elegant than her predecessor, and we intend her to be remarkably advanced yet modular. She employs the lovely features offered by the latest implementation of Ruby, v2.0.

Anyone is welcome to join in this endeavor. Check out the GitHub repository. You may care also to join the official IRC channel, which is #syndi on Freenode.

Syndi has been initially codenamed “Phoenix,” because she has regenerated from the ashes of Auto into a far superior program. (:

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