Richard Blakeley

You can often find Richard walking Manhattan with a camera talking to himself. His biggest fear is that people will hear him fart and he will have no idea because he’s wearing his iPod.

John Alberico

“You give me something now Johnny, not Friday now, give me your bio now.”

Michael St. Onge

As an actor with no formal training, Michael relies on raw instinct and the ability to create characters from people in his past.

As an independent filmmaker with an artistic background, Michael believes that the most important part of making a film is to be involved in every aspect of the process. Making him a filmmaker who knows how to get around.

Fun Facts!: He doesn’t buy anything from Starbucks but won’t hesitate to hit up their bathrooms.

Michael finds the expletives shouted at him by his local Brooklyn neighbors amusing:

“You’re short… and you’re white!”
“They call him cheese and rice, they call him cheese and rice!”

Mike Turzanski

Mike Turzanski was born and raised Utican, the son of a motorcycle queen and a rock and roll god. He found his way to Brooklyn in the year 2000 to pursue his career in handsome male pageanting. He now works as an urban b-boy at Studio 64 1/2.

Robert Lorraine II

Even as a young boy, Robert Lorraine ll knew he had a knack for the martial arts. Growing up in a small housing community outside of Upstate New York he would often be found scrapping with the other children.

Today, his in your face style has propelled him to achieve greatness and respect amongst the various cliques and gangs involved in street fighting on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. That’s what he brings to the table, roundhouse kicks and summersaults.